Our Story

Our company started with its globetrotting founder, Owen De Vries.
The son of hoteliers, he travelled from place to place - from the Netherlands to
Prague to San Francisco, eventually landing in Los Angeles. Inspired by his
experiences across the world, he wanted to find a way to preserve these memories
and so came the concept for Coordinates Collection. Years later, the brand has
grown to be regarded as the original wearable memory, consistently designing
beloved products that are beautiful as they are meaningful.

August 2013

The Launch

Coordinates Collection launches its original concept of the wearable memory. The brand launches with iconic LEGEND COLLECTION, which still remains a bestseller.


On the Rise

The Coordinates Collection brand
rises to success with fans
such as Jessica Alba,
Shay Mitchell,
and Bella Thorne.

November 2014

The Fine Collection

We introduce our Fine Collection with the POP BRACELET, a combination of sterling silver, 14kt gold, and .35 carat diamonds that becomes an instant success.

July 2015

New Addition

We add Le Bloc Jewelry to our family,
enfusing a youthful spirit to the company.

November 2015

25.2048° N, 55.2708° E

Coordinates Collection opens its first brick and mortar
shop in the Dubai Mall, welcoming international fans.

June 2016

A Twist on the Signature

Our designers create the Closed Legend Collection.
Four unique interpretations of the signature design,
the collection harness new admires of the brand.

November 2016

Fresh Look

Coordinates Collection reveals its updated website.
With e-commerce the core of the brand,
the improved site is built to inspire past customers
and welcome new customers.


As the Coordinates Collection brand flourishes,
we excitedly face the future and what is to come,
growing our family and consistently delivering products
that are as meaningful they are beautiful.