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  • 5 / 22 2017


    COORDINATES ENVY: BARBADOS, 13.1939° N, 59.5432° W

    Wedding season is upon us, and besides white dresses, cupcakes and Coordinates Bridal jewelry—that means honeymoons. And honeymoons usually mean beaches and beauty, and Barbados delivers on both in a big way.

    Why envy it: In Barbados, there’s more than 70 miles worth of beaches to bask in on the Caribbean island, and many of them are the kind of beauties that make world’s best beach lists. Plus, with powdered sugar-soft sands and waters clearer than crystal, you’ll hardly ever want to leave. But should you decide to, pass through Bridgetown, Barbados’ capital and port city known for its colonial architecture, to get a taste of the island’s history. From there, focus on the flying fish. It’s an island specialty found in both haute cuisine and roadside shacks (which locals know is best). Barbados’ pure beauty puts it on the map as a major honeymoon hotspot, but there’ll be lots to love on the island whether you’re there for that or not.

    High Season: Anytime between January and April, which is dry season (so more sun, less rain) or in August for Crop Over, the island’s carnival celebration

    Hotspots: Crane Beach, St. Lawrence Gap for nightlife and dancing away to island tunes, Cuz’s Fish Shack for cutters

    Cool to-dos: Eating a flying fish cutter, a sandwich made with the island’s national fish, beaching until you can’t beach anymore, donning a feathered costume to parade through the streets for Crop Over’s Kadooment Day fest.

  • 5 / 01 2017


    COORDINATES ENVY: NEW ORLEANS, 29.9511° N, 90.0715° W

    Now that we’re getting jazzed up for summer, we’ve got New Orleans on the brain. Easily America’s most flavorful city, NOLA’s known for its spice—both in cuisine and otherwise.

    Why envy it: In New Orleans, nothing’s like it is anywhere else. Sure, other cities have food and festivals and friendly residents, but those cities rarely do things with the zest and zeal that NOLA does. The laissez les bons temps rouler (“let the good times roll” in Cajun French) attitude of the French founded city’s Mardi Gras festival is perhaps its biggest draw, but little beats hearing jazz in the place that birthed it. And it doesn’t matter whether its Jazz Fest or not—you’ll find some of the greatest musicians playing in the streets of the city’s French Quarter neighborhood any time of day or night—simply for the love of the music. If none of that’s enough to hook you, biting into the sugary glory that’s beignet will surely do it.

    High Season: Anytime between Mardi Gras, which falls in February or March (if you’re up for the wanton revelry) and Jazz Fest, which starts in April

    Hotspots: The French Quarter for jazz at Preservation Hall and Cajun fare galore, Jackson Square, Café du Monde for sweet beignets

    Cool to-dos: Watching a NOLA wedding parade through the streets to a live big jazz band, biking through the French Quarter to scope the vibrant historic buildings, eating gumbo with every meal to determine which one’s best

  • 3 / 08 2017


    COORDINATES ENVY: TRINIDAD, 10.6918° N, 61.2225° W

    With Carnivals coloring countries all over the world last week, we’re in a festive mood and looking to the Caribbean for a taste of the action. Currently on the mind? Trinidad & Tobago.

    Why envy it: Warm all year long, the tiny twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago are ideal for a dose of sunshine, sand and serenity all the time. It’s the birthplace of the soothing sounds of steel pan, fresh catch comes as a culinary staple, and the islands’ Carnival draws revelers from all over the world each year. Taking place the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday (February 27 & 28 this year), masqueraders parade through the streets of Port of Spain in vibrant costumes of beads and feathers, listening to the sounds of soca music and dancing from dawn till dark in what’s, to them, nirvana manifested.

    Capital: Port of Spain, 10.6549° N, 61.5019° W

    High Season: Ahead of Ash Wednesday for Carnival, or mid-April to mid-December

    Hotspots: Queen’s Park Savannah, Maracas Beach, “The Avenue” in Port of Spain

    Cool To-Dos: Masquerading with a band for Carnival, taking a boat cruise “Down the Islands,” eating bake and shark at the beach