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  • 3 / 08 2017


    COORDINATES ENVY: TRINIDAD, 10.6918° N, 61.2225° W

    With Carnivals coloring countries all over the world last week, we’re in a festive mood and looking to the Caribbean for a taste of the action. Currently on the mind? Trinidad & Tobago.

    Why envy it: Warm all year long, the tiny twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago are ideal for a dose of sunshine, sand and serenity all the time. It’s the birthplace of the soothing sounds of steel pan, fresh catch comes as a culinary staple, and the islands’ Carnival draws revelers from all over the world each year. Taking place the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday (February 27 & 28 this year), masqueraders parade through the streets of Port of Spain in vibrant costumes of beads and feathers, listening to the sounds of soca music and dancing from dawn till dark in what’s, to them, nirvana manifested.

    Capital: Port of Spain, 10.6549° N, 61.5019° W

    High Season: Ahead of Ash Wednesday for Carnival, or mid-April to mid-December

    Hotspots: Queen’s Park Savannah, Maracas Beach, “The Avenue” in Port of Spain

    Cool To-Dos: Masquerading with a band for Carnival, taking a boat cruise “Down the Islands,” eating bake and shark at the beach

  • 11 / 16 2016

    COORDINATES ENVY: NICARAGUA, 12.8654° N, 85.2072° W

    With the northern hemisphere now fully immersed in Fall, even us in mild-weathered Los Angeles residents are dreaming of sunnier, balmier, warmer places. Currently on the mind? Nicaragua.

    Capital: Managua, 12.1150° N, 86.2362° W

    High Season: December through April

    Hotspots: Laguna de Apoyo, Masaya Volcano, San Juan del Sur

    Cool To-Dos: Surfing, hiking, horseback riding, ziplining

  • 11 / 16 2016

    break the rules

    What are the rules of mixing metallics? In our opinion, none. Yes, we've all heard it before, "Don't mix your metals." But mixing metallics can add interest and depth to your look. Also, jewelry carries with it so much more than just a "look" - pieces can be nostalgic reminders of some of the best parts of life or the people who mean the most to you. As these collections grow through the years, not every piece will "match." Which is perfectly okay. With that in mind, here are some tips to mixing your metallics.

    Tip 1: Wear a piece that contains both silver and gold. A mixed metal bracelet easily works as a transition piece between a silver necklace and a gold ring, connecting the two visually.

    Tip 2: Stack your metals. Everyone loves a good arm candy and curating a stack with various different metals can create a visually stimulating appearance. It can add a great pop to a simple outfit.


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    Tip 3: Take one piece off before leaving the house. Yes, this seems contradictory to the theme of this post, but keep in mind that more can be less. Include a strong statement necklace in one finish and a dainty bracelet in another.

    Tip 4

    What to do with rose gold? Rose gold is like the cool new kid on the block and definitely deserves to be mixed in. Our tip when stacking rose gold, yellow gold and silver is to keep the silver between to balance out the warm hues.