12 / 15 2017

COORDINATES ENVY: BALI, 8.3405° S, 11.0920° E

COORDINATES ENVY: BALI, 8.3405° S, 11.0920° E

Bali is beginning to make lists of top places to travel in 2018 and we’re into it. The Indonesian paradise can’t really be beat for beauty, and it’s up there on the wellness spectrum too—another trend we’re happy to embrace as we head into the New Year.

Why envy it: Bali has always been beautiful, but its Eat, Pray, Love fan club seemed to shed even greater light on what the island has to offer. From its expansive coastlines with crystal clear waters and enough beaches that you can find one just for you, to its distinctive rolling rice terraces and its resident spirituality, people find
peace in more ways than one in Bali. A typical day on the isle might start with watching the sun rise over Mount Batur and then move on to tasting a fresh smoothie bowl at a beachside bungalow before a swim in the sea, then lead to a countryside bike ride passed waterfalls and rice paddies, yoga on a Balinese spa deck, a snooze, and a reemergence just in time to sip cocktails and catch the sun set
from the neighborhood beach club. Yep, we’d say that sounds a lot like paradise.

High Season: May to September when it’s dry season

Hotspots: Mount Batur for volcano-perched views of the sunrise, Padang Padang beach for pristine aquamarine seas, Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary for a walk on the wild side

Cool to-dos: Do sun salutes at yoga retreat, plunge into Seminyak for the Mrs Sippy pool party, catch a wave at Pantai Suluban where are the surfers are hanging ten.

Credit image: Flickr, McKay Savage